Can I believe in Taoism and Christ at the same time?

Everyone is familiar with Taoism and Christ, but how much do you know about the cultures of the two religions?Is there a conflict between Taoism and Christ? Can both believe at the same time? Then this article will give you an answer.

Taoism and Christ cannot believe at the same time

Christ and Taoism cannot believe at the same time. Christ believed that the world was created by the only Lord God. According to the righteousness of Christ, it is not allowed to worship idols or believe in other heretics.

Taoist temple
Taoist temple

Taoism does not have stricter regulations on this aspect, and also advocates the cultivation of the three religions. If you believe in two religions at the same time, the tit-for-tat contradiction between the two cannot be reconciled. Therefore, from the perspective of belief, it is impossible to believe in such contradictory religions at the same time.

Conflicts and Contradictions in Taoist Christ

Christ decided to establish religion based on God, and Taoism started with objective nature, so the basis of the two religions is different. Secondly, Christ believed that man was created by God, that man was born sinful, and that if he believed in God, he could be redeemed by God.

Taoism, on the other hand, believes that the child of human nature should conform to nature, be less selfish, thoughtless, do not resist, do not reject, do not cling to the idea of inaction, which is the basic idea of Taoism.

This is the basic difference between the two ideas. This is also reflected in the mentality of the believers who believe in them.

Same goal

However, the ultimate goal of Christ and Taoism is the same, that is: to stand by the conditions and act according to the good. Dependence arises from a wonderful place, all things return together, and it returns to inaction.

Christian Church
Christian Church

Aside from religion, Christ emphasizes fraternity, while Taoism talks about helping the world and benefiting people, which is unified. The differences between Christ, Taoism and even Buddhism stem from the understanding and awareness of the founders of each religion about the truth of life in the universe (essential characteristics, fundamental principles and basic laws), and from the thoughts, mentality and understanding of their respective disciples.

They all emphasize a final truth. It’s just a different place to start. Taoism starts with fruition, while Christ emphasizes kindness as the starting point, relying on God to finally achieve liberation.

But they are all called religions by human beings, and they can all play a role in eliminating human bad emotions, alleviating social conflicts, and releasing destructive negative energy to the environment.

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