What kind of animal is Pixiu and what is its function?

Pixiu(貔貅), also known as warding off evil spirits and Tianlu, is a ferocious divine beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends. Because Pixiu has a mouth and no anus, it can swallow all things without venting, and has only in and out, and has special supernatural powers, so it has the ability to attract wealth and treasure., the meaning of absorbing the wealth of the four directions, and at the same time, it also drives away evil spirits. Pixiu is an auspicious beast in ancient myths that can bring wealth to people.

Pixiu is a divine beast in ancient China
Pixiu is a divine beast in ancient China

Pixiu has a dragon head, a horse body, and a forest foot. It looks like a lion, its coat is gray, it can fly, and it looks ferocious and mighty. Responsible for patrolling the sky to prevent monsters, ghosts, plagues and diseases from disturbing the heavenly court.

What does Pixiu mean?

Pixiu is an auspicious beast that can bring wealth to people in ancient myths. Why does Pixiu have such a meaning?

Legend has it that Pixiu is the ninth prince of the Dragon King. He feeds on gold and silver jewelry and is naturally full of treasure, so he is deeply loved by the Jade Emperor and the Dragon King. However, if you eat too much, you will always have diarrhea, so one day, Pixiu couldn’t help because he couldn’t help It drowned on the ground, which made the Jade Emperor angry. He slapped it down, but it hit his butt and his asshole was sealed.

Since then, gold and silver jewelry can only be in and out. Over time, Pixiu has developed the habit of only eating and not pulling.

After this allusion spread, Pixiu was regarded as an auspicious beast that attracts wealth and treasures. Because of its characteristics, it is extended to only enter wealth but not wealth. It can accommodate the wealth of the four directions, that is, the cornucopia. It also has a good sign of urging official luck. At the same time, it can also keep the house safe, ward off evil spirits and block evil spirits.

Pixiu ornament
Pixiu ornament

What is the role of Pixiu

Pixiu has the functions of attracting wealth and treasure, opening luck, and warding off evil spirits. It can also build houses, promote marriage, and transform Tai Sui. From ancient times to the present, both ordinary people and nobles in heaven have the habit of wearing and collecting Pixiu.

However, the Pixiu can only have the above effects after being opened. The unopened Pixiu can only be said to be an ordinary ornament. We have a lot of attention when wearing or placing the Pixiu. For example, when wearing the Pixiu around the neck, the Pixiu should be worn head down.

If you wear the Pixiu on your hand, you should wear it on your left hand. If you put the Pixiu at home, you can’t put it facing the front door, mirror, toilet, bedroom, or put the Pixiu on the ground or above our head.

What material is Pixiu?

There are many materials for Pixiu, including obsidian, Hetian jade, jadeite, rosewood, etc. Among them, obsidian Pixiu can not only bring wealth, but also ward off evil spirits, which can help you drive away bad luck; and Hetian jade Pixiu Because of its special material, it is made by absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, which is very spiritual. The ability to make Pixiu to gather wealth is very powerful, and the rosewood Pixiu has the function of warding off evil spirits, so people generally use it to ward off evil spirits.

In fact, there are many types of Pixiu materials, and Pixiu of different materials will bring wealth to people to varying degrees, as long as you choose the one that suits you.

Now people pay more and more attention to the effect of Pixiu to attract wealth, because Pixiu can not only attract wealth and keep wealth, but also bless the safety of the home, and Pixiu is very beneficial to positive wealth or partial wealth, so Pixiu is very popular with people.

Pixiu ornament
Pixiu ornament

What zodiac sign is not suitable for wearing Pixiu

There is no taboo that Pixiu cannot be worn by zodiac signs. We should pay attention when wearing Pixiu. If it is made into a bracelet, it should be worn with the left hand and Pixiu’s mouth facing out. If it is made into a necklace, tie the tail of the Pixiu with a rope and let it wear it head down.

Pixiu will not conflict with the zodiac sign of the person wearing it, so there is no taboo that people with zodiac signs cannot wear Pixiu. However, there is a saying that people under the age of three and over the age of 78 cannot wear Pixiu.

When we wear Pixiu, there are also many places that need to be paid attention to. If we want to wear Pixiu on our hands, we should wear it on our left hand, and then let Pixiu’s mouth face the outside, that is, the direction of the little finger.

If you want to wear the Pixiu around your neck, you should tie the rope to the tail of the Pixiu, and then let the Pixiu wear it with your head down. When we usually wear the Pixiu, we can also touch it from time to time, but be careful to avoid its eyes and mouth when stroking.

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