What does the direction of the elephant’s trunk mean?

Feng Shui Elephant is a mascot to attract wealth, and it also has the effect of melting evil spirits. It is a more commonly used Feng Shui mascot in home and office Feng Shui.

So do you know the elephant nose orientation diagram? What is the meaning of elephant nose orientation? Then today I will take you to see the placement of elephant nose orientation.

Elephant trunk direction has different meanings
Elephant trunk direction has different meanings

What does the elephant mean?

Elephant homophonic Xiang, elephant is the embodiment of auspiciousness.

Elephants can bring auspiciousness to the world, and elephants represent peace, beauty and happiness.

Elephants are powerful and martial, but their spirits are gentle and supple. According to legend, the image is generated by the Shaking Light Star (one of the Big Dipper stars, located at the very end of the bucket handle), which can indicate a spirit.

Elephants’ long trunks can absorb water, and water in feng shui symbolizes wealth, so elephants with their trunks facing down are often called wealth-sucking elephants, which have the same effect of sucking wealth and attracting wealth as Pixiu.

For example, the window in the home faces the swimming pool, pond, sea, etc., and the elephant can be placed by the window with the trunk facing outward, creating an elephant that absorbs water and money, and makes the wealth roll.

The elephant with the trunk up is called the water spray elephant. The water spray shape is vivid and lively, symbolizing joy and joy. Placing it at home can make people feel cheerful and smile a lot.

An elephant ornament made of jade
An elephant ornament made of jade

When placing elephant ornaments, it is best to point your nose in the direction of the door or the window, which can better absorb the wealth outside the house. But be careful not to face the evil spirits outside the house, such as the trees outside the window, the sharp corners of the gazebo, etc.

On the desk or in the personal office, you can place a feng shui elephant to improve your status, stabilize your career foundation, and have noble people to help you improve your career and fortune; the elephant on the checkout table of the store can attract customers, business is booming.

Elephants can bring auspiciousness to the world, and elephants are peaceful in the world. Elephants represent a peaceful and happy life.

Elephants also symbolize strength. They breathe strong air, but their bodies are like mountains. If they are placed in the living room, office, and study of the home, they can strengthen the power of sitting.

The meaning of elephant nose orientation

The money-sucking elephant with the nose facing the sky sucks money from the sky. It is the most suitable for industries such as flight, aviation, ropeway, stargazing, etc. that make profits from the sky. Generally, all-copper materials are used.

Many people think that the elephant is resting and unable to continue, so they generally don’t like to choose it. For real estate, antiques, minerals, jewelry and other industries, the money you get is deeply embedded in the earth, and the elephant with the nose facing the ground is the secret noble who helps you.

The direction of the elephant's trunk is particular
The direction of the elephant’s trunk is particular

Money-sucking elephants with their noses facing inward are usually matched with a pair of sharp tusks, which are used to resist villains, and sometimes used for competition among peers. In short, the effect is to help you block evil spirits.

Final reminder

Feng Shui ornaments must generally be made of natural spar or all-copper, and the placement of these two is different. But most of the ornaments in general home accessories are made of plastic. Then Feng Shui does not use this material, nor does it have any useful effect.

If the natural material or all-copper elephants are placed in different ways. At the same time, the elephant’s trunk has differences such as suction elephants. Mainly on the nose. If you want to attract wealth, you have to look at whether there is wealth outside the house. If you have it, you usually use suction elephants.

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