What are the Feng Shui taboos for wearing jade bracelets?

Jade is a natural product of the jade world. Wearing jadeite for a long time can absorb the turbidity of the body, which has certain benefits and effects on the human body. Jadeite will also become transparent, and jadeite also has a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Jade bracelets are one of the most common jadeite products, so what are the feng shui taboos for jadeite bracelets?

Green Jade Bracelet
Green Jade Bracelet

  Taboo 1: Do not hit the jade bracelet

  Although jadeite has the characteristics of high Mohs hardness and high wear resistance, jadeite also has the weakness of great brittleness. Jadeite is actually very delicate and cannot be touched. Once it collides with the molecular structure in the surface layer, it may be Damaged, and even dark cracks will occur, at this time, it needs to be erased in time, so as not to let it damage the jade bracelet.

  Taboo 2: Do not expose jade bracelets to the sun for a long time

  High temperature will cause objects to expand, and jadeite bracelets are no exception. Don’t let jadeite bracelets be exposed to sunlight. Strong sunlight will increase the volume of jadeite molecules, change the quality of the jade, and even affect the texture of the jade. Of course, in addition to strong sunlight, high temperature hot water also needs to be avoided, especially if it is suddenly impacted by high temperature heat.

Green Purple Jade Bracelet
Green Purple Jade Bracelet

  Taboo 3: Jade bracelets should minimize the erosion of sweat

  The sweat in the human body contains salts, fatty acids and urea, etc., which will slowly erode the outer layer of the jadeite and damage it, thus seriously destroying the luminosity and luster of the jadeite, and even in some serious cases, it will make the original crystal clear. The bright jade color becomes dull and dull, especially in the high temperature season of summer, it is best not to play with jade bracelets. Some jewelry worn close to the skin also needs to be wiped clean frequently in order to reduce the erosion of jadeite by sweat.

  Taboo 4: Jade bracelets should be kept away from chemicals

  No matter what kind of jewelry it is, it is very important to stay away from chemicals. Chemicals will cause damage to jewelry, and jadeite bracelets cannot be avoided. However, with the development of the times, life is filled with more and more chemicals., such as cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing detergents, soaps, pesticides, etc., everyone should pay attention when wearing them. If they are accidentally stained, they should be erased in time, so as not to let it damage the jadeite bracelet.

Beautiful emerald bracelet
Beautiful emerald bracelet

  Taboo 5: Jade bracelets should avoid pollution

  It is very important for jade bracelets to keep clean, especially some acidic or alkaline substances, which will contaminate the surface of jade bracelets. After wearing, you need to clean and wipe with a soft flannel, or you can use clean or warm water to clean. You can soak the jade bracelet in water for about half an hour, then gently scrub the jade with a small brush, and then dry the water with a soft flannel.

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