The correct way to open Pixiu

Pixiu is a divine beast in ancient China. It is said that it can help people attract wealth and treasure, ward off evil spirits and get lucky. Therefore, many people like to put Pixiu at home or wear Pixiu on their bodies to protect themselves.

In fact, they want Pixiu to have the greatest effect. The best choice is how to enlighten Pixiu. You can choose an auspicious day to enlighten yourself, or you can ask an enlightenment master to enlighten it.

How to open Pixiu

There are many ways to enlighten Pixiu. We can choose an auspicious day to wash Pixiu, and then soak it in a container mixed with half well water and half rainwater for three days. Then take it out and dry it, and apply tea oil to Pixiu’s eyes.

Or we can also put the Pixiu in a place where sunlight and moonlight are most easily illuminated, so that the Pixiu can be placed for sixteen days. This is a way to make the Pixiu naturally enlighten, which can make it have a strong ability to attract wealth and resist evil spirits.

We can also go to an authentic monastery and ask the enlightenment master. We only need to make an appointment with the mage about the time and matters of enlightenment, and then we can entrust the Pixiu to the mage, and finally we only need to complete the Pixiu living ceremony by ourselves.

Jade Pixiu pendant.
Jade Pixiu pendant.

When is Pixiu open?

There is a saying that the first and fifteenth days of each month in the lunar calendar are the most spiritual, suitable for consecrating Pixiu. There is also a saying that you should choose an auspicious day with good weather to consecrate Pixiu. If you are not sure, you can go to an authentic monastery and hand over the size of consecrating Pixiu to the mages in the monastery.

It is generally recognized that the suitable time for Pixiu to consecrate is the first and fifteenth day of each month in the lunar calendar, because these two days are the most spiritual time of each month, so if we are indecisive about the time for Pixiu to consecrate, you can choose this time.

There is also a saying that the day to enlighten Pixiu must be an auspicious day, and the weather must be good on this day. Then we can enlighten Pixiu when the sun is at its best, that is, from ten o’clock in the morning to three o’clock in the afternoon.

If we are really not sure and can’t tell which method is the best time to enlighten Pixiu, we can go directly to the authentic monastery and ask the mages in the monastery to enlighten Pixiu, and let them choose to enlighten Pixiu. Time and matters.

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