8 Benefits and Significance of Believing in Buddhism

Buddhism is the third largest religion in the world with hundreds of millions of believers, so what are the benefits of studying Buddhism? What is the true meaning and value of studying Buddhism? Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction below!

What are the benefits of studying Buddhism

buddhist illustration
buddhist illustration

Put an end to evil thoughts

People who study Buddhism often have fewer evil thoughts in their hearts, and if they often recite the scriptures, they will shatter the evil thoughts. In the long run, this will keep the inner clarity and cleanliness, and the evil thoughts in the heart will gradually subside. It is not terrible for a person to have evil thoughts in his heart, as long as he can restrain them, it will not lead to major disasters. And learning the Buddhist scriptures can help a person put an end to those bad thoughts and become kind and pure.

More compassionate

People who study Buddhism are relatively kind in heart, and they are very helpful and charitable. Therefore, the psychology of such people is often more compassionate, and they are very capable, and they are always able to tolerate the mistakes made by others. If you chant sutras often, you can also gradually calm your heart down, and you will no longer be preoccupied with many small things, which can make your mind more open-minded, which is conducive to physical and mental health. Therefore, many people will start to study Buddhism and chant sutras when they reach a certain age, in order to cultivate their body and mind.

Buddhists meditating in the mountains
Buddhists meditating in the mountains

Stay away from disaster

People who study Buddhism and chant sutras can stay away from disasters, because their hearts are very peaceful, so when facing bottlenecks, they will also solve the difficulties in front of them with a calm mind. Everything in the world has a magnetic field, and chanting sutras can help people’s hearts to be better sublimated, so as to stay away from disasters and ailments, and stay away from the suffering of the world.

safe and auspicious

Those who study Buddhism and chant sutras will have Buddha’s light on their bodies, and they will be easily blessed by the Buddha, and the gods will bless their peace. As long as the heart is devout enough, you will definitely be able to pray for peace and prosperity for yourself or your relatives through chanting sutras.

Promote practice

Learning Buddhism and chanting sutras can promote a person’s practice and cultivation. In Buddhism, you can comprehend the mysteries and truths of this world, and at the same time, you will know how to be more grateful, you will love life more, and your mentality will become young and positive.

Wishes come true

People who often study Buddhism and recite sutras have an easy-going attitude, and they also have an easy-going attitude when they encounter things. Therefore, such people are very easy to satisfy, and it is easier for their wishes to come true. Their wishes are very simple, and it is very easy to be happy with the current state.

Buddhists climbing mountains
Buddhists climbing mountains

Become wiser

In the process of learning Buddhism and chanting sutras, a person will become wiser. Because in this process, people will gradually let go of their posture and begin to seriously understand the mysteries of the world. Frequent chanting can not only allow the heart to settle, but also improve a person’s wisdom. When looking at the world later, you will also be more indifferent and calm.

Eliminate crime

Sometimes studying Buddhism and chanting sutras is actually to alleviate their own sins. Some people have done too many bad things in the past, and they will reduce their sins by chanting sutras. This process can indeed eliminate or reduce the burden on the heart, and it can also accumulate blessings, so that you can reflect on it and gradually become kind.

The true meaning and value of learning Buddhism

Anyone who studies Buddhism knows that when you start to study Buddhism, you must recite the name of Buddha, you can recite the name of “Amitabha Buddha”, you can also recite the name of “Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva”, “King Jizang Bodhisattva”, or the names of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas such as Medicine Buddha and Maitreya Buddha. Take it as your daily lesson, practice it morning and evening, or just recite it at ordinary times, so what is the true meaning of reciting Buddha? Or in other words, why do we recite Buddha?

The Buddhist Pure Land Sect advocates reciting the name of Amitabha exclusively, reciting the four characters “Amitabha Buddha” or the six characters “Nanwu Amitabha Buddha”. This clearly tells us the true meaning of reciting Buddha and the ultimate goal we want to achieve.

The Buddha’s Amitabha Sutra records: “You must not be less kind, and you must be born in another country.” It also says, “If there are good men and good women who hear about Amitabha Buddha and hold the name. If one day, if two days, if three days, if four days, if five days, if six days, if seven days, one’s heart will not be disturbed, and when a person dies, his heart will not be turned upside down. Amitabha Buddha and all the saints are now in front of him. When a person dies, his heart will not be turned upside down, that is, he will be reborn in the land of Amitabha Buddha’s bliss.”

Meditation gesture
Meditation gesture

That is to say, when reciting Buddha, you must maintain a state of undisturbed mind, without any delusions and mixed thoughts in your heart, you only have a Buddha name, and you only want to be reborn in the West, without doing what you want, without what you want. In this way, good roots and merits are full of karma, and you must be able to sense them., naturally transformed in the Western Pure Land of Bliss.

When ordinary people do not believe in Buddhism, or when their beliefs and wishes are not deep, their minds are always filled with their own delusions and attachments. The heart is full of anxiety, care, reluctance, and can’t let go, especially when they are on their deathbed, thinking back on their life experiences, all the good and evil things they have done seem to be vivid in their minds. Can they completely let go? Can all the money, reputation, wife, children, and children be left behind? Do you want to tell the various “secrets” hidden in your heart? What will be explained by future generations, how to distribute property, etc., all grievances, grievances, pains, troubles and other obsessions flock to us. These are all obstacles to our liberation.

Therefore, the true meaning of chanting Buddha can no longer be understood. It is to repeat a Buddha name through continuous practice on weekdays, strengthen it into one’s subconscious, and constantly tell oneself to ask for liberation, to break away from the six realms of reincarnation, and to rely on Amitabha Buddha’s compassion and wish to be reborn smoothly into the world of bliss. At the same time, maintaining a single-mindedness in chanting the Buddha name can greatly train one’s ability to maintain a single-mindedness.

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